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What happens if I forget to include the theme?

Unfortunately if all aspects of the theme aren't properly included, your film will be disqualified and won’t be eligible for screening or prizes.

Does my film have to be in English?

No, your film can be in any language you like, provided there are English subtitles if it is not in English. If the theme requires dialogue, it doesn’t have to be spoken in English.

What is the maximum team size?

The maximum team size is 10 people.

Do actors need to be registered? Do they count towards team size?

No, actors do not need to be registered and do not count towards the maximum team size of 10.

Is there an age restriction to take part in the challenge?

Yes, you must be over the age of 18 to take part in TAKE48.

Why is the registration cost on a per-person basis and not per team?

To make the challenge accessible for everyone, setting the registration cost to a per-person basis keeps things fair no matter if you are partaking solo, or in a team of 10.

Can I show explicit content in my film?

Yes, as long as what you're doing is legal and you have the proper consent from all participating parties.

What is the maximum amount of time that my film can run for?

The maximum time your film can go for is 3 minutes. This includes titles/credits. There is no minimum run-time.

What happens if my film runs over maximum run-time?

If your film exceeds the 3 minute run-time, it will be disqualified from prizes and screening.

Can I participate if I'm not located in Australia?

Of course! We welcome everyone to take part in TAKE48, no matter where you are located. Just be sure to account for timezone differences when it comes to the start and finish of the challenge.


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