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Mystery item: Whisk
Mystery dialogue "Something doesn't feel right"
Bonus theme: Genres (Romance, Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Horror)

First Place - The Mayor
By Nat Kelly, Thomas Midena, Joseph Baronio and Josh Langman

Chosen genre: Comedy

Second Place - The Bakers Wife
‍By James Dudfield, Xavier Gray, Suzanna Anzen, Broodie Jay Wood, Kapil Gadhvi, Blade Schoen, Aref Rashidan and Sarah Legg

Chosen genre: Comedy

Third Place - Mary Hath Chosen
By Mikaela Franco, Joel Ludemann, Daniel Pollock, Maddy Neate, Thom Muir, Josiah Atkins, Baro Lee, Tobias Tarasov, Tom Ward and Dougal Gaunt

Chosen genre: Comedy-Horror

Audience Favourite - In Between
By Liam McCombie, Lachlan Hayward and Mali Woods

Chosen genre: Horror

Mystery item: Honey
Mystery dialogue "This is your last chance"

First Place - What's in your Lunchbox?
By Nat Kelly and Joseph Baronio

Second Place - Bee My Guest
‍By Jemma Ha, Kevin Rickert, Dylan Esguerra, Laura Scott and Kerrod Cooper

Third Place - Roar
By Nathan Burney, Brianna Gibson, Nameer Alshqar, Thomas Riethmuller and Badrinath Sirisipalli

Audience Favourite - The Show Must Go On
By Lachlan Wylie, Myles Cunningham, Will Guthleben, Jovian Ubukata, Isabella Ball, Jacob Brown and Simeon Pento

Mystery item: Post-it note
Mystery dialogue "I already tried that"

First Place - Zoomies
By Chris Shapones, Susie Shapones, Toby Petch, Serena Hor & Sherrie Koo

Second Place - Dead Spot
‍By Nick Spellicy, Nick Harriott, Matthew Marcum,
Ryan Stubbs & Jonathan Willis

Third Place - Good Skell Hunting
By Kerrod Cooper, Kevin Rickert & Jemma Ha

Audience Favourite - Pushing Stone
By Michael Trinco

Mystery item: Marshmallow
Mystery dialogue "Is there something you want to tell me?"

First Place - M Cup
By Roger Stonehouse

Second Place - Moving House for Dummies
‍By Kerrod Cooper, David Shannon, Kevin Rickert, Danny Kim, Dylan Esguerra, Michael Craft & Laura Scott

Third Place - The Big Sweet
By Joshua Belinfante

Audience Favourite - Sugar Blues
By Constance Barthelemy

Mystery item: Playing card
Mystery dialogue "There's no way that will fit"

First Place - The Devil’s Deck
By Seaton Kay-Smith

Second Place - The Queen of Diamond Creek Hospital
‍By Lynn Lageman, Caroline Sparkes, Oliver Bonenfant and Habib A. Moghimi

Third Place - Detritus
By Max Sadowski and Joshua Cook

Audience Favourite - Council Cleanup
By Kimberly Melville, Katherine Honan, Adam Braun, Bec Brockwell, Peter Andrews, Declan O'Byrne-Inglis and Alisha Melville

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